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Carolina Core Wellness A Community Of Wellness

Carolina Core Wellness

Their mission is to provide a unique community space for holistic providers across multiple disciplines designed to support these providers on a level that allows them to fully focus their attention on their patients – not administrative details.

Their vision is to create a community of wellness providers that are here to care for and nurture the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those living in the High Point and greater Triad area. From maintaining optimal health to coping with chronic conditions, these providers can play a critical role in your individual wellness journey.

Kiddin' Around Drop In Child Care in High Point is opening late June 2023 in the Carolina Core Wellness Center.

Three people standing in front of a store advertising childcare services in Highpoint.

My goal in starting Kiddin’ Around Drop In Daycare is to provide a safe, fun, engaging environment for children to come to have fun while their parent(s) are off doing what they need to do. After observing the market for childcare in the area, it is clear that there is a need, and it would be a great benefit to this community.

Kiddin’ Around Drop In Childcare will ease parents’ burden of finding qualified care for their children while focusing on tasks they need to do. Especially located in Carolina Core Wellness, it’s very convenient to be able to drop their child off at the same location they are going to be at. Having the opportunity to take children whose parents are coming to this facility and the public is a great service.

I have my Early Childhood Education Credential and have worked with children since 2001. I have worked in Headstarts, Preschools, and Montessori. I also ran my own large family childcare program for 7 years while my children were little.

What keeps me motivated is working with children and seeing them have fun. I also love organizing events for the children to come and enjoy. This is something that I can’t wait to see happen at Kiddin’ Around Drop In Childcare when we open late 2022.

Logo for drop-in childcare services in Highpoint.